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Jaivik Tokri Organic Spices (Coriander 250g, Cumin 100g, Black Pepper 100g, Cardamom 100g, Cloves 100g, Rai 100g, Cinnamon 100g)

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    The Nutriorg Certified Organic Cow Ghee is derived from the milk of cows who are fed an organic diet. Our Organic Cow Ghee is made from the milk of stress free cows who are not only fed well but are also allowed to roam freely and feed their calves first. Coriander is not an unusual spice or herb especially in India. We use coriander leaves in almost all our dishes to garnish them and also we incorporate the spice in all delicacies. Cumin seeds are extensively used in culinary practices in India and other Asian, African, and Latin American countries. Javik Tokri Organic Cumin seeds has quite a strong flavor and so only a small amount of it is enough to provide them with a powerful punch. Black pepper is one of the most commonly used spices worldwide.But black pepper is more than just a kitchen staple. It has been deemed the “king of spices” and used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years due to its high concentration of potent, beneficial plant compounds. Cardamom is often used as a flavouring agent and comes under the category of aromatic plants. The small cardamom or Choti Elaichi is often used in Ayurvedic medicines that enhance physical strength. Cloves are a popular spice used in a variety of ways across the world, particularly in Asia. They form a culinary base in a number of different Asian cuisines. Jaivik tokri Organic Rai have a faint spicy odor. It has a rich nutty flavor which adds taste to all kinds of preparations. Rai not just stimulate the taste, but it has digestive, laxative, circulative stimulant & anticeptic properties too. Cinnamon has been used as a medicine in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for centuries.