Why Jaivik Tokri?

Shopping at your local farmer’s market means eating seasonally and locally. It also means your money is supporting your local economy, rather than going into the pockets of big corporations. Unlike big, chain suppliers of groceries, farmers markets have to rely on what produce is currently in season. Fruits and vegetables that are currently in season contain higher densities of nutrients, which means that it’s actually healthier than the fruits and vegetables brought in from other areas. Food that is grown locally is actually higher in necessary nutrients and antioxidants. In fact, locally grown honey can even help mitigate symptoms associated with seasonal allergies. We are your solution for this. Now, you don’t have to go to the farmers’ market in person. Jaivik Tokri brings the farmer’s market at your doorstep.

‘Jaivik Tokri’ as the name implies is your healthful basket of organic produce ranging from fresh fruits & vegetables to other daily amenities. Here we reckon in the farm-kitchen model, where we are merely the point of contact with you and our farmer friend. All our farmers are area specific local farmers who grow their own produce with intensive care but never get a fair price for their toil. The consumer is always on the lookout for the best quality products, but at an economical costing. On the other hand the farmers are always denied the just costing for their hard work and produce. Jaivik Tokri is an agrarian venture for the mutual benefit of the farmer and the consumer. We have a strong desire to provide the best quality of purely organic & eco-friendly grocery items to the masses on an affordable price. Since Organic comes at a premium pricing in the Indian Market and yet the farmers are not paid fairly for their toil we thrive to rescue to the scenario. Jaivik Tokri intervenes here and aids both the consumer and the farmers to accomplish their respective purpose. We have taken the task upon us to provide our farmer friends with the right platform to vend their products that equals their hard work.

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